Media Announcement: Statement on IMA President's Remark

The National Academy of Psychology (NAoP) takes strong exception to Indian Medical Association President Dr Rajan Sharma's statement that "IMA welcomes formation of paramedical council/ Allied health professionals council to regulate standards of education of paramedical courses and for maintenance of registry for qualified paramedical personal. But IMA is definitely against allowing paramedical personals like… Clinical psychologist, speech therapists etc. being given independent authority to practice their own area without doctor's supervision” (sic).

Media Announcement: Statement on Budget 2020

The National Academy of Psychology (NAoP) calls upon the Government of India to increase the expenditure on mental health to Rs fifty thousand crore in the Budget 2020. While the Government has brought progressive legislations for the welfare of persons with mental illness, including Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, the abysmally low investment in training of mental health professionals and building facilities in all parts of the country has led to an enormous treatment gap of over 90%.


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